Deep Tissue massage 90 min - with Satyamanas

Fri 1 Nov 2024 10:00 AM - Wed 1 Jan 2025 6:00 PM GMT
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Paramartha was born into a remote farming community in New Zealand and travelled to the UK to be ordained by Bhante in 1988 in Guhyaloka. During the ordination retreat they struck up a friendship.

Paramārtha has probably more experience than any other Order member of what it is like to know Bhante as a long-standing friend, companion and teacher. During the 30 years that he lived with, travelled with and cared for Bhante, he also undertook a thorough training in the Dharma, often studying together and regularly exploring their dreams. He is now part of the Adhisthana teaching community.

He is available to meet up in London in August during the anniversary weekend of Bhante’s death Sat 24th - Mon 26th August (ONLY)